I didn’t do a Valentines Day post so I decided to reflect on the evenings events post Valentines. We were in New York City just hanging out enjoy the city and each others company. We had plans and at the last second decided to wander through Grand Central in search of an Oyster bar. Our luck it was closed… we turned and and bam… Shake Shack was staring us in the face! Not romantic but satisfying just the same! We ended the night with a horse and carriage ride through Central Park. It was fantastic!


I’ve been away for so long! Now that the weather is finally starting to feel like Spring I’m starting to feel alive! The photos above are from Manhattan on the morning of a big snow storm. I love the way the lights capture the mood.

Let me have a good look at you.

Let me have a good look at you.


Upper East Side


After the storm I found myself itching to get out.  After a morning coffee run I decided to wander the city. Bundled in my winter layers I went where any city dweller would go… out on the streets. I made a short film of the adventure.  I ended with a trip to my local farmers market on the hunt for eggs and fresh produce.  It happens to be conveniently located on 5th and Wall St. which sits directly across from our loft. We are spoiled even in the Winter from wonderful farmers, local growers, and the like. It’s the best of the country right here in the city. Enjoy this short film! I’ve decided to start documenting via short films. I think in some situations they express a mood more appropriately. 


Photo a little video about the places I love! a little video about the places I love!


So in the spirit of the new year I thought I would begin to go through photos from last year and put together a few highlights to document 2013. This first one is from the Fall, appropriately titled Fall into Fall. Enjoy



Obligatory New Years Resolution Post

- Here’s mine! 

Instead of making a million New Years resolutions that usually end in “that was a good idea until” or “It lasted a week and then” - I’ve decided that it’s more important to just do - on the spot- in the moment- or it’ll be just that… a resolution.  

What’s that mean? Is she nuts? Probably… 

I’ve thought of a couple of things I really need to do in order to be truly happy. It’s an ever changing list so it’ll never be complete. My secret is just doing them in a timely manner or spur of the moment… giving me the feeling of accomplishment due to the fact that I’m actually accomplishing something! So. Simple. The first thing I need to do is get the heck out of dodge- take a small extended weekend. 

- ding ding…

First accomplishment of 2014- booked a flight to New York City for February this morning at 8:00am. I’ve got a month to get my ducks in a row- then this little bitty is flying the coop! Nothing fancy, I’ll probably just take a small leather carry on and a change of shoes in the event a dinner outing presents itself- one that doesn’t consist of carryout. 

How does it feel to have accomplished something you’ve been meaning to do for the last couple of months- GREAT! I feel like I’m making time for myself, doing something I seriously enjoy. 

I’ve got this resolution thing in the bag.

Happy New Years everyone! 



FiFtY ThInGs AbOuT Us

1. They met at a Sushi Bar- he insulted her pants- twice. 

2. The day he proposed she was insanely crabby and they went for french onion soup.

3. Sometimes they stay up all night talking about nothing at all.

4. The first time he said he loved her they were in the kitchen dancing in the dark.

5. He gets a sparkle in his eyes when he’s excited about something.

6. He catches her every time she comes home with shopping bags and asks “is this new”

7. Her answer is always “no”

8. They’ve moved every year since they’ve been together, She’s got packing down to a science.

9. She claim’s to be better at managing expenses. 

10. She can’t fall asleep unless he’s home.

11. She pretends to be asleep on Saturday mornings so he’ll take the dog out.

12. He hates when she wears business clothes.

13. She dislike most types of seafood and meat and is not very “food” adventurous. 

14. He’ll usually try anything once.

15. She’s been trying to get him to move to NYC for the last two years, with no avail. 

16. They’re favorite time spent is in bed reading/blogging with the dog laying between them.

17. She still get butterflies.

18. She hate going to movies, he loves them.

19. They get stuck on the same food groups for a period of time.

20. He regularly asks if her hair is clean, her reply is usually “no”

21. She always ask for a glass of water after the lights are out. She tells him she’s got dry bones. It always works.

22. She’s horrible at remembering to recycle.

23. They love watching documentaries. 

24. She’s never been out of the country.

25. He’s traveled the world on scuba diving trips and lived in London.

26. She can’t wait to be a rockstar mom.

27. She still can’t figure out how to turn the tv on and needs assistance.

28. He loves taking naps and she doesn’t.

29.  They both love their dog henry like he’s an only child.

30. They will only take rescue dogs.

31. They’ve got seriously different tastes in music.

32. She gets REALLY crabby when she’s tired.

33. He needs a good fifteen minutes after he wakes up before they discuss serious issues.

34. They both love spicy food.

35. She likes always being on time.

36. She is a sucker for gelato - all kinds.

37. They like to plan their future but realize life happens on a daily basis and never happens as planned.

38. They rarely text during the day.

39. She usually calls him on the way home from work. 

40. He needs a man cave.

41. He hates the suburbs.

42. They’ve always lived in the city.

43. He hates backseat drivers.

44. She’s totally a backseat driver. 

45. She loves old black and white classic movies.

46. He hates it when she eats in bed.

47. She truly enjoys his company.

48. They both use nicknames more frequently than real names.

49.  They both feel lucky to have found one another.

50. They are excited for the future together.